May 2024

Automate or Outsource? 3 Bookkeeping Options for Accounting Practices

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Bookkeeping is the foundation of any accounting practice. The meticulous record-keeping of your clients' financial transactions provides the foundation for accurate tax filing and insightful financial analysis. High-quality bookkeeping directly impacts your clients' tax efficiency and empowers them to make informed business decisions. 

However, traditional methods can quickly become a burden with many accounting practices in the UK experiencing these challenges:

  • High turnover & rising costs: Finding and retaining qualified bookkeepers is expensive and time-consuming. Traditional bookkeeping can be labour-intensive, impacting your margins.
  • Inefficiency & client frustration: Manual data entry and repetitive tasks eat away at productivity. Clients may be dissatisfied with slow turnaround times or errors.
  • Limited scalability: As your practice grows, your in-house bookkeeping team might struggle to keep pace.

The good news is, there are better options available. There's no one-size-fits-all solution for bookkeeping, as the best approach depends on the size and needs of your accounting practice. In this blog, we’ll explore 3 approaches to tackle these challenges and free up your practice:

  1. In-house tech: This approach equips your existing bookkeepers with tools like Dext and other emerging AI solutions. These tools automate repetitive tasks like data entry and bank reconciliation, allowing your team to focus on higher-level analysis and client communication.
  2. Outsourcing: Outsourcing bookkeeping involves partnering with a third-party provider to handle some or all of your bookkeeping tasks - additional manpower. This can be a local or offshore provider, depending on your needs and budget.
  3. Pinvo’s end-to-end solution: Pinvo offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution that combines advanced software with expert human oversight. It streamlines the entire bookkeeping workflow, from document collection to reporting.

Let's see how each tackles the common pain points plaguing accounting practices today.

Choosing the right solution for your practice

The ideal solution should address these challenges and empower your practice to thrive. Here's a breakdown of the 3 options, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses:

Features In-house tech Outsourcing Pinvo’s end-to-end solution
Completeness of solution Partial solution (e.g., OCR, reconciliation) that improves efficiency for repetitive tasks. However, does not address the majority of the manual workload Provides much-needed additional manpower to manage bookkeeping workload, usually covering basic tasks only. Requires continued investment in training, communication, quality checks, and progress monitoring Streamlines and handles the entire bookkeeping workflow end-to-end, from document collection to financial insights
Accuracy & speed Errors increase with volume as the accuracy of the bookkeeping still relies heavily on your bookkeepers Accuracy and speed can vary. Often resulting in subpar books with risk of errors as third party paid for time spent, not results. Regular communication and oversight are crucial Guaranteed accuracy and speed, with AI+Experts working seamlessly to minimize errors and deliver books in 10 days
Productivity & value Limited productivity gains, but can help free up bookkeepers in some areas. Additionally, software costs can come at a premium Can increase productivity by freeing up in-house staff. High reliance on manpower, with diminishing returns in the long term Highly scalable AI+expert team handles large volumes efficiently, driving down costs and boosting productivity overall
Control Limited control and increased effort spend on training and error contro Limited control over outsourced teams. Can be harder to manage effectively, requiring time, clear communication and oversight Full transparency and control through a user-friendly interface and local team
Client experience Fragmented experience, may not impress clients Potential client concerns about confidentiality and communication with offshore providers Improved client satisfaction and retention with accurate and timely financials, valuable financial insights, and a user-friendly interface for full visibility
Pricing Software costs upfront or ongoing subscriptions, resulting in additional costs passed on to clients Outsourcing costs are often hourly, and may not incentivise efficiency or outcome All-inclusive pricing based on transactions, offering cost savings with higher volume
Margin improvement Minimal impact Slight improvement Significant margin improvement, especially with higher volumes
Scalability Limited, as requires hiring more bookkeepers as you scale calability can be challenging as requires more resource as you scale Unlimited scalability with AI and expert team handling volume fluctuations

The future is now: The power of AI+Experts

Pinvo's end-to-end solution is a unique option that combines our AI-driven software with expert bookkeepers to deliver a complete solution. Our AI technology handles repetitive tasks and data entry, while our team of bookkeeping experts ensures accuracy and quality control.

This translates into several benefits for your practice:

  • Increased margins: freeing up time to focus on higher-value services like tax compliance and financial analysis, and unlocking significant cost savings
  • Improved client satisfaction: accurate and timely bookkeeping, along with valuable financial insights.
  • Peace of mind: complete control and transparency of your clients' books
  • Scalability for growth: Effortlessly accommodate a growing client base without worrying about staffing issues.

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Pinvo has already processed over 150,000 transactions, continuously learning and improving to deliver exceptional results. Take advantage of a free consultation call to see how Pinvo can revolutionise your bookkeeping.

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